About Us

Gold Coast Land Management Provides an Array of Specialty Services

GCLM offers a true Full Range of Services, including administrative, professional, technical, and operational services custom designed to meet most silvicultural and agricultural management needs.  This includes:

  • Timber Sales Marketing/Administration
  • Silvicultural Contracting/Supervision/Administration
  • Pasture Improvement and Management Services
  • Property Security
  • Agricultural Exemptions (Greenbelt)
  • Large-scale, State-of-the-art Timber Inventory
  • GIS/Mapping
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessment and Management Assistance
  • Land Clearing / Excavation 
  • Road and Ditch Maintenance
  • Wetlands Management
  • Harvest Scheduling/Management Planning
  • Technical/Professional Memberships – GCLM belongs to several professional organizations to keep current on agricultural and silvicultural trends, treatments, markets, and regulatory issues. These memberships provide us with the information to keep up to date on current management techniques.
  • Capital Resources – GCLM is a financially sound company that also has a strong capital position.  This allows us to respond quickly to client service needs without concern for short-term cash flow deficiencies.
  • Liability Insurance – In addition to GCLM corporate general liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000 (combined single limit), we will also produce an umbrella policy upon request.